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Welcome to Anna Gibilaro's London Orthodontic Clinic  Specialist Practice 

Very few of us are lucky enough to have perfectly straight teeth without the help of Orthodontic Treatment. Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry involved with aligning mal-aligned or crooked teeth.


Modern Contemporary Orthodontic Appliances or Braces can be totally Invisible and the time it takes to straighten and realign teeth is a lot quicker than you may think.


Whether your teeth are crooked, crowded, gappy or just in the wrong place, they can be straightened to improve both the appearance and function. The jaws can also be aligned as a part of the treatment when necessary.


Rather than cover up crooked teeth with ceramic veneers, your own teeth can be cosmetically straightened with Orthodontic Treatment.


About Us

About Anna Gibilaro

Dr. Anna Gibilaro   GDC No: 63468

BDS Hons, MSc, M Orth, DDS, FDS RCS, FDS Orth.










Dr. Anna Gibilaro is a Specialist in Orthodontics and for 20 years taught orthodontics at Guy’s Hospital London where she was a Consultant Orthodontist. She practices from The Specialist Practice in Wimpole Street, London.  Her special interests are in adult orthodontics with an emphasis on complex multidisciplinary treatments and comprehensive and interceptive treatment for children. She works closely with other specialists in prosthetic dentistry, periodontists, maxillofacial and plastic surgeons and paediatric dentists.

Dr. Gibilaro is a past President of The American Dental Society of London and past ‘Orthognathic Lead’ at Guy’s Hospital.

Dr. Gibilaro trained and worked both in the UK and USA. She graduated from University College London Dental School in 1988 with the highest number of honours and awards. After working for 2 years in Oral Surgery and obtaining a Fellowship in Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons England for which she was awarded the gold medal, she went on to study Orthodontics at Kings College London from 1990 to 1993. 

In 1994 Dr. Gibilaro went to work in the USA at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for two years and then the University of Missouri Kansas City where she was an Assistant Professor in Orthodontics for a further two years. She was the Orthodontic Consultant on the Craniofacial and Cleft Lip and Palate teams at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. While in the United States Dr. Gibilaro obtained her Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 1998 and her American National Boards (for which she gained the one of the highest scores in the US, 98 percentile) and State Board qualifications. 

Dr. Gibilaro was Editor-in-chief of the international journal Orthodontic Review for two years while in the USA. For this work she was awarded with a distinguished faculty award at the University of Missouri in 1999.

Upon returning to the UK she was awarded with a Fellowship in Orthodontics from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of England, Ireland and Scotland in 2000.

Dr. Gibilaro has published book chapters and scientific articles in Orthodontics. She has presented, and continues to present, both nationally and internationally in Europe and the United States. She teaches on The Aesthetic Dental Program at the Eastman Institute on Adult Orthodontic and Multidisciplinary Treatment.

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Anna Gibilaro

Dr Gibilaro has a passion for orthodontics and over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful results. She works with the most sophisticated techniques, using evidence based protocols and systems to achieve optimum results both aesthetically and functionally.


Doriana Gicheva

Doriana has worked as a Dental Assistant to Dr Gibilaro for many years. Doriana is also a qualified dental technician and like Dr Gibilaro has a passion for art and design. Together they work in harmony enjoying the experience of treating patients and creating a relaxed and enjoyable treatment pathway to achieve complete patient satisfaction with desired results.

Lina Vaicaitiene

Lina has recently joined the team as Dr Gibilaro's Personal Assistant. Lina has known Dr Gibilaro for many years and has great experience in adminstration and public relations. She strives to enhance the patient's orthodontic experience by efficiently managingappointments and helping in anyway she can with answering questions and concerns. 

Dr Gibilaro's practice has closed.
If you are an old patient and would like to see another orthodontist either ask your dentist or doctor for another recommendation, or contact Dr Sarah Burns: 40-41 Wimpole St,  London W1G 8AB Phone 0800 151 2468
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