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Lingual orthodontics  Incognito / WIN

‘Lingual’ refers to the Latin word for tongue and Lingual orthodontics refers to the use of orthodontic appliances (braces) placed on the tongue side of the teeth and therefore do not show at all.

Lingual orthodontics can be used for both adults and children although it is usually used mainly in adults who are more concerned about the appearance of braces on their teeth.

The systems used by Dr. Gibilaro and the most sophisticated systems on the market are the ‘Incognito’ and 'WIN' appliances. These are custom made appliances with a computer generated design specifically for the patient’s own teeth and type of malocclusion (dental problem). They are completely invisible and extremely well tolerated by most patients.

Treatment time

The treatment time is similar to that of more conventional braces placed on the front of the teeth. Some treatments may be a little longer but as the braces do not show at all this is not usually a concern to the patient. The chairside time (i.e. time spend in the chair having brace adjustments made) is longer than that of conventional braces but the frequency of appointments is usually less than conventional braces.


As the braces are custom made and the chairside time is longer, lingual orthodontic treatment is more expensive than conventional orthodontics.

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