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Complex multidiciplinary treatment

Complex multidisciplinary treatment refers to treatments requiring one than one dental specialty i.e orthodontic treatment is needed in conjunction with:


  • Oral Surgery

  • Periodontal treatment

  • Restorative treatment

  • Prosthetic treatment

  • Paediatric dental treatment

  • Orthognathic surgery

  • Endodontic treatment

  • General dental treatment


Often your dentist or another dental specialist has referred you to Dr Gibilaro to carry out orthodontic treatment to facilitate the placement of implants, bridges, veneers or crowns.


Sometimes the orthodontic treatment is necessary to correct the bite that may be traumatic and causing problems with the teeth or gums.


Jaw surgery or orthgnathic surgery usually requires orthodontic treatment to place the teeth into a position so that they will meet after the jaws have been moved.

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