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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

More and more adults are having orthodontic treatment (wearing braces to align their teeth). There is no age limit to orthodontic treatment and providing the teeth and their surrounding structures are healthy, braces can be placed to change the position of the teeth.


Modern contemporary orthodontic treatment techniques mean that braces can be completely invisible and treatment times are a lot shorter than most people expect. Treatment times vary from 3-4 months to 18-24 months for very complex cases.

The reasons that adults choose to have orthodontic treatment are:


  1. The problem of mal-aligned teeth was never sorted out as a child.

  2. Relapse of, or incompleted orthodontic treatment that was done as a child.

  3. Teeth began to get crooked only as an adult, this is often the case of the lower front teeth getting more and more crooked with time.

   Dental health indication for orthodontic treatment

  • Orthodontic treatment is needed as a part of a more complex dental problem where implants or restorative dental work is needed that cannot be properly done without the position of the teeth altered.

   Orthognathic (jaw) surgery

  • The jaw position has led to the teeth being in the wrong place and orthodontic treatment is needed as well as jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery). This type of treatment is not usually done until growth is complete i.e. not suitable for children.

The types of braces available for adults:


Totally invisible braces placed on the backs of the teeth i.e. Lingual Incognito or WIN


Clear ceramic radiance brackets placed on the fronts of the teeth.


Transparent aligners i.e. Invisalign or custom made positioners.


Gold braces placed on the front of the teeth.

Metal braces placed on the front of the teeth.

Ligation-free braces such as Speed or Damon

Treatment options:

There is usually more than one treatment option for adult treatments. Dr. Gibilaro has a great deal of experience (over 20 years) with adult orthodontics and will spend time discussing your concerns. All treatment options will be explored. Together a treatment plan will be made taking into account the desired result, cost and appointment frequencies etc. to fit in with your lifestyle.


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