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Interceptive Treatment

Interceptive treatment is orthodontic treatment carried out on a young child to prevent a problem or more complex treatment later on. It is sometimes carried out with a removable appliance and sometimes a fixed appliance attached to a few teeth.

Examples of Interceptive Treatment

7 year old girl who lost a baby canine early and the space for this tooth started to close. Interceptive treatment to open up the space for the adult tooth.

Baby canine lost early and space lost.

9 year old girl who lost both lower baby canines early and the space for these teeth  closed so there was no space for the adult lower canines. In the upper arch there was also insufficient space for the adult canines. Early interceptive treatment was started to open up the space for the adult canines. Later on when all the adult teeth were in the mouth definitive orthodontic treatment was carried out to level and align all teeth.

Insufficient space for adult canines

Lower baby canines lost early and no space for the adult teeth

8 year old child who lost both the baby upper second molars early. The adult first molars moved forward blocking the space for the adult second premolars; this was worse on the left side of the pictures below. Early interception treatment was started to open up the spaces that had been lost so the adult second premolars can come into the mouth. 

Baby molars were lost early and most of the space has closed


A removable upper appliance was fitted with springs to open the spaces.

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