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Comprehensive treatment, when all the teeth are in the mouth, is carried out with fixed appliances. These appliances can be steel or clear ceramic. Most of the children have steel braces and coloured elastics can be added. The colours are changes at each visit.
Removable appliances can be in any colour or design. These are often used in early treatment in very young children or together with fixed appliances in older children.
Removable functional appliances such as the Twin Block are used to grow the lower jaw forward. These can be any colour.
Teenaged boy treated without removing any teeth: First a sectional fixed brace on the upper front teeth, followed by a functional appliance and lastly upper and lower fixed appliances
Teenaged boy with severe crowding treated by removing four teeth and upper and lower fixed appliances
7 year old girl who lost a baby canine early and the space for this tooth started to close. Interceptive treatment to open up the space for the adult tooth.

Baby canine lost early and space lost.

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