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Fixed appliances are stuck to your teeth and cannot be removed. It is extremely important that the appliances and the teeth and gums are kept spotlessly clean during the orthodontic treatment.

The fixed appliances consists of the brackets, made of metal or ceramic, which are attached to the teeth, and archwires which are tied into the brackets with either little elastic o-rings or steel ligatures.

steel bracket tied with turquoise o-ring
ceramic bracket tied with pearl o-ring
ceramic bracket tied with steel ligature
lingual braces

Electric or manual toothbrushes can be used to clean the teeth and fixed appliance. It is important to stand close to the mirror and spend time in cleaning. The braces will not be broken by brushing. Inter-space and inter-dental brushes can be used to clean under the wire and between the teeth. Fluoride mouthwashes can also be used.

Plaque is a sticky white layer of bacteria that will build up on the teeth if they are not cleaned properly. If this layer becomes thick the acid produced by the bacteria will scar the teeth by demineralising the enamel. The gums will also swell up due to the irritation of the bacteria products. The scars will be permanent and this is why excellent oral hygiene is extremely important durign orthodontic treatment.

white scars on teeth and swollen gums due to poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment
interspace brush
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